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Make more money being online

The secret of online wealth is mostly captured by a few individuals who makes a lot of research about what people want.

The secret as the word sounds is always in the hidden places.

In this article, you will gain knowledge about what brings more money to your pocket being online.

In this 21st century what matters is information and am very sure is the major reason why you are reading this article now. Information is the key to success anywhere any day because the lack of the right information will leave anyone blank and moneyless. Facebook feeds and survives by information provided as well as another Entity like Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, Wikipedia, et al. This information you provided on your social media is richly beneficial to those who know how to feed on them.

Example: ‘Tofun wants to be connected to her love once on social media, she has to undergo certain registration for her profile to be created. While she also input other information about her interest, her height, and likeness, such as where she loves to visit, eat, ‘and’ the game she always loves playing, the types of cloth, and the color blue she adores.

This information can be used to display adverts of any boutique store that sponsors adverts on social media. Let’s say the advert is targeted to the tall lady that loves blue color the advert will then be displayed on that wall of people like Tofun.

This and many more are ways data and information are used online for businesses to make money. “SO” how can you be of a benefit to make use of this information for your own advantage?

Host Your Website

The Basics of How-to

You can make more money being online with the proven methods listed below:

1.) Advertise on your website

Let’s say you already have a website for your own business or for your own content. You can make more money from your website by registering with an affiliate program company, that offers a good rate of intuitive token for your effort.

Advertising their product on your website by simply pasting their referral links on some part of your website layout.

2.) Design websites

You can also make more money being a website designing agency just like Life Harcks Technology a reputable Agency in Abuja, Nigeria.

3.) Create a blog

Once you already had your domain “and” hosting plan ready, you can then go ahead and create your own blog and start blogging all the way, “because” if you don’t have a domain name or a hosting plan yet you can get it by clicking this link.

All the services here are at a good rate and convenient payment plan. You can as well get a good service from a reputable web design agency recommended Life Harcks Technology.

Once you get your blog set up you can start creating content about your professions to the world and sharing it on social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Consistency is what brings money to your bank account, not one-time posting because nobody pays you when you don’t deliver quality service.

4.) Open an online store

You can as well open an online store either with your own custom design from scratch or contact an expert in this regard. Then you can start selling on other platforms as well as on your website

5.) Start dropshipping

I personally love this skill so much, “because” it gives less or no struggles in getting started. All you need is just to pick a niche that best describes or suits your interest, then gets register with them. And start surfing for the cheap products and then paste them on your website or your social media handles with your interest as the current price.

As a drop shipper, you earn from other people’s products with your own interest as gain on it.

6.) Offer paid memberships

There are websites as a community or a forum site that offers a paid membership content website, such websites will display some content that is attractive to their homepage, while they ask for payment to become an eligible member. This particular website gets more money, as far as people continue to pay to become members of the forum or website.

7.) Sell secondhand goods

Want to make more money online, you can as well some of your old stuff and head on to a place like jiji, strikingly, usnapp to sell your old stuff and make more money.

8.) Sell photographs

If you are a photographer and you have a good camera, yet complain of not having money in your bank account. Then it’s your fault because there are tons of websites that sell good image products for vendors that have a great stock of portraits photos, and good position angle shot. Such websites are Alamy, 500px, SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Etsy, Getty Images, Stocksy.

9.) Offer print on demand

One good thing about being online and making money there is that you can actually make money from other people’s sweat. Leaving you with plenty of money in your bank account. For example; you can be posting about a profession that you may not know anything about, while you earn for connecting both the professional and the end-user together. Such as collecting a printing job and paying the actual printer while you earn your own money online.

You can start this business by posting google images of complimentary card designs and getting contact with the professionals online and charging your client double or twice the actual amount.

10.) Begin freelancing

Being freelancing leaves you with the opportunity of working in your leisure time. Whatever you are doing now makes more money doing the same thing online while you post your work online through your WhatsApp statuses, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

11.) Write online reviews

Good news! There are a ton of website that pays user for doing the simple task of reviewing their content on their websites. Such as LifePoints, InboxDollars, American Consumer Opinion, UserTesting, Review Stream, YouTube BrandConnect, and Influence Central.

12.) Publish an eBook

If you are very good at teaching, “and” you do so much that a lot of people understand you as you explain either by words or by writing, you can start considering compiling your knowledge together to publish it into an eBook file and start marketing them online to make more money.

13.) Get into blogging

Blogging is a serious business, and profitable as well, all you have to do is to start blogging about the topic you always find interesting. You will need to be post articles on a daily basis or schedule it may be twice a week or so, there are easy-to-use tools that can help you get composed and help your hustle so easily.

Such tools will help you to be able to schedule your posts, then the tools will start publishing your content when the time you set to reach. Most of these tools are paid versions. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Mediatoolkit, Zapier with these tools you will be able to schedule your post.

14.) Create video tutorials

Once you see that you are very good at what you do you can start creating a tutorial video for a Youtube channel or on other social media platforms or start selling the videos.

15.) Set up an online course

Almost the same as the top list above. But the difference is that you can actually be teaching people online without having any URL, rather than your payment link. After preparing the tutorials then you can start packaging them for friends and colleagues to post on their platforms to sell them for you.

16.) Rent out your home

You can also build a website and be renting the space out to people for advertisement, just like the way you rent your physical office, but you must first have a website and a lot of traffic.

17.) Become an affiliate marketer

You can as well make more money online while you sell other people’s courses online even if you don’t have any tutorials. Start selling those content to those that need it, remember that it is not about who has the contents it is about who can sell the idea that makes the money most.

18.) Work as a translator

There are websites that pay for translating languages, all you have to do is find the right plug for what you want. Such websites are Gengo,, Unbabel, TextMaster. To mention but few.

19.) Try content writing

This is another cool skill you can actually indulge yourself in, being a copywriter by writing content for bloggers like me. This skill requires one to be versatile and fluent in writing. You can get a blogger who needs writers to engage you with the job.

20.) Become a brand ambassador

Just like my friend who loves promotions like me, becoming a brand ambassador can make you more money you can ever imagine, even millions. But you must be able to convince the brand owner of what you are capable of doing or how you intend to promote their products to the right audience.

21.) Build an app

This in particular is actually meant for a tech kind of person who knows much about coding, or someone who has an idea of a nice concept for an app that will interest people to key into. If you don’t know anything about coding don’t worry all you have to do is hire one. Then instruct him/her what you want then relax sell your great idea to the public, and make more money.

22.) Invest in stocks

Investment lives on! So they say for anyone who desires to be financially independent, you will have your money work for you while you sleep, the important part is that you don’t have to stress yourself much if you have a broker that is genuine and trustworthy. Please don’t just read this alone but make a lot of research on which is best for you to invest your hard earn money.

23.) Do social media consulting

If you believe you are a guru or a surfer. When it comes to social media platforms, you can as well make more money while you do what you love most. Don’t just be browsing and commenting, and laughing on social media comedy alone. Make use of that MB megabyte you have, to get the value of your subscription money while you are online.

Take advantage of coaching people on how to set up their social media for an effective turnout. By doing this, you make more money. The best way to start is by posting it on your status, of how good you are on social media, and the number of followers you have that vendors can rely on.

24.) Tutor online

Practice makes perfect, so the more you teach the more you learn, understand that so many people online make more money. Teaching people their skills or showing people some new skill discover in the so-called professions, you too can make money doing what you love doing. Advertise you’re potential and make more money through it,

25.) Become a life coach

You can either voluntarily coach people, or you can capitalize on this skill online. For those who are not too knowledgeable about their skills and are looking for ways to be better in their field, take this advantage by organizing online coaching. Be it Musical, Tailoring, Dancing, and so on.

You can make use of Telegram for your close group, to be coaching people on certain skills, reasons, why I mention Telegram, is that it does allows you to have a lot of rooms for more people to join up, and when you’ve taught so much, then someone joins up the group later after the lecture. Unlike Whatsapp that you can’t get back the previous messages. But Telegram stores those previous messages.

This and many more are ways you can make more money being online, not just by wasting your data being online, there is a saying that says “Make haste why the sun still shines” so if you are looking for more ways to make money online kindly connect with me on Whatsapp with this link below!

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